Blurring the Line between Math and the Arts


I’m so excited to be invited again by the Ateneo Mathematics Society to give a lecture aimed at helping students rediscover and appreciate math.

I call this lecture Spectrum of the Mind: Blurring the Line between Math and the Arts, and for 1.5 hours, I will be pointing out the hidden and not-so-hidden math in fiction, religious and philosophical texts, poetry, music comic books, paintings, sculptures, works of architecture, video games and even dance.

By the end of the afternoon, I hope to get everybody closer to embracing their inner artist/geek.


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My Books for Sale at BGC Art Mart


This weekend, I am sharing with the world my passion for writing alongside some of the awesomest artists in the country, who are exhibiting their artworks at BGC Art Mart.

The peeps who have very kindly included me in their team include Jackie Vicente, Jed Dumawal, Jenny de Asis, Maurice Risulmi, Olen Rocero, Teejay Villahermosa, and Jemimah Dumawal.

Join us at the Bonifacio High Street covered walks. Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26. 5pm to 9pm.

Copies of my books “The Espresso Effect” (coffee table fiction), “Beautiful Fever” (poetry) and “Cognac for the Soul” (poetry) will be sold. And some copies will be given away for free. ūüėČ

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My Very First Poetry Exhibition

Lit After Dark

You are invited to be part of LIT AFTER DARK: A Reading by Three Authors.

I will be joining my lovely and talented fellow writers, Tweet Sering (author of Wander Girl and Astigirl) and Gina Verdolaga (co-author of Baht, Boots and Gandhi). The sultry singer and voice actress Jenny de Asis will be delivering some of the best pieces from my books of compiled poems, Cognac for the Soul and Beautiful Fever.

The event will be held on Friday, December 14th, 2012, 6pm-11pm at Briggy Hall in Pasig, where the passionate and the inspired eat, talk and build. Books of the three authors will also be sold and signed on that night.

DECORPORATIZE CHRISTMAS! Buy art directly from artists!

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Math and the Printed Word Lecture at the Ateneo

I’m giving a talk on “Math and the Printed Word” on Day 1 of the math conference entitled All Aboard! New Perspectives at Escaler Hall, Ateneo de Manila University on December 10, 2012.

Find the hidden math in the Bible’s Book of Psalms, the philosophical texts of Lao Tzu, the Sherlock Holmes detective mysteries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the comedies and tragedies of William Shakespeare, the classic novels of Mark Twain, the whimsical stories of Lewis Carroll and Frank L. Baum, the horror and macabre works of Mary Shelley, the psychological fiction of Mark Haddon, the Twilight Zone screenplays of Richard Matheson, and many other notable milestones in the history of literature.

Admission is free. Visit the event page for more details.

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Two Anthologies of Poetry Launching Soon!


The best poems from my three WordPress and two Multiply poetry blogs are now compiled in two anthologies,¬†Beautiful Fever¬†and¬†Cognac for the Soul. (One is PG 13 and the other is Rated R.) Those who live around Metro Manila, please join the launching and book signing party on Friday, September 21st, any time between 6pm and 11pm at the very posh tea bar, Moonleaf ‚Äď Columns I at the corner of Ayala and Gil Puyat Avenues, Makati.

Freebies and treats from the Moonleaf menu await guests.

The last 30 copies of my coffee-table illustrated novel, The Espresso Effect, will also be sold on that night.

Those who are overseas and are interested to purchase copies of the books, please leave a comment here with your real email address, or simply send a message to my publisher, and we can send you a link where you can view the details and purchase the books through Paypal. Your email address will never be made public, and you will not be obligated to buy anything by merely posting the comment or sending the email.

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My Interview with Turning East’s Carol Dussere

Writer, professor and world traveler Carol Dussere has very graciously served me homemade bread, quiche and a hearty garden salad at her cozy Xavierville home while interviewing me about my career choices, my sources of writing and living inspiration, and my dreams for the future.

Check out the article in the Turning East website here.


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I’m giving my Funky Math Lecture at Fully Booked!

We have all the answers to this and more.

It’s time to take math out of the rigid and boring classroom and discover it elsewhere‚ÄĒin nature, in the arts, in literature, and in the craziest places in history. Whether you’re a lover or a hater of math, whether you’re methodical or creative, whether you’re a sixth grader or the grandmother of a sixth grader, it’s never too late to be reacquainted with the funky side of math!

Join us at the Forum of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street on October 22, 2011, at 2pm. Be a witness to why mathematics is actually a part of pop culture.

Workshop Fee of P300 includes a goody bag filled with hands-on materials and tools to use during the session and lots of interesting objects for discovery, and participation in games for a chance to win prizes and freebies.

Powered by NumberWorks Tutoring Center.

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